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About Us

We are a small, but perfectly formed team of designers, creators, illustrators and story-tellers based out of a noisy office in Tel Aviv. Offbits first sprang into life in 1983 when Roy (our founder) smashed up, pulled apart and then re-assembled his favorite toy. He was 5. A bit too young to start a company. So a few more years later, after earning his degree from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, it was time for Roy to get serious about fun. So he rounded up the finest crew of big kids he could find, to help him create his vision.

Offbits is about breathing new life into old, abandoned bits and pieces that you might find in the bottom of your toolbox, the side of your couch or at the back of your drawers. We’ve started off the search for the perfect pieces of imperfect hardware by designing our own little kits, containing a bunch of bits and pieces. But it’s down to you to see a face peering out of your broken radio, and get down to business with a screwdriver and wrench, to turn unused gadgets and gizmos into the adorable, peculiar and lovable robot-like characters, we like to call Offbits. Offbits is also about a busy, global community of clever creators. Once you’ve created something amazing (and we know you will) share the good news! Upload photos, videos, gifs and vines and set the challenge to the community. Can they make your design out of the bits they have at home? Or can they create their own unique Offbit with a whole host of other spare parts? Whatever you have, whatever you make, we want to see. So off you go! Build, create and share.

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Meet The Team

Roy Barazani Founder
Avner Goren Co-Founder
Liron Havrony Graphic Designer
Nir Golan Illustrator
Shlomi Eiger Product Designer


About the kits

We’ve carefully created starter OFFBITS Kits that can either be assembled into our specially designed OFFBIT robot Characters, or can be used as the springboard for your own homemade creations. Our toy kits contain a curated collection off the shelf components; nuts, screws and springs as well as a few custom-designed connectors. We also have a range of colourful vehicle kits, so you can add wheels and whizz to your robot models, and extension kits that come with extra bits and pieces to add to your DIY creations. And we also have our very own OFFBITS tool which is perfect for building, taking apart and re-building your OFFBITS.

The toy bits and pieces are locally sourced and made from hard-wearing high quality steel and  PP plastic materials that are perfect for age 7 and up. Finished in non-toxic, lead-free coatings and paints, these components come with their own instruction manual, colorful poster, and registration key for joining our online community of creators.

But remember, these robot kits are just the beginning!. The real goodies are the spare parts that you’ll find at home, in your garden shed, or in the nearest toolbox. Upcycle any piece of hardware that you come across into a new OFFBITS robot part, such as leg, antenna, ear or magical transmorphing encryption radar. The possibilities are endless when the whole world is your toolbox!



About the Workshops

OFFBITS Workshops is our new ‘show and tell’ section. It’s where we share some of the crazier, cooler handmade contraptions that we’ve made using OFFBITS  toy Kits and other bits, demonstrating how we made them with an easy to follow, step-by-step photo guide. And it’s where *you* show *us* how it’s done, by coming up with even more brilliant, whimsical and ingenious robot creations.

You can upload photos and videos of your custom designs, complete with accompanying instructions and guidelines to follow. The rest of the community will be able to join in, having a go at your innovative toy and uploading photos of their efforts, or of their own original OFFBITS designs. And the community can vote for designs they’ve tried out or like the best. Upvotes are turned into points, and the more points you get, the closer you are to becoming one of our prestigious OFFBITS Gurus – the title given to the most popular, prolific and inventive creators.

OFFBITS is all about sharing creativity and imagination, so we’d love to meet you and your OFFBIT robot in a workshop very soon!