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Do you know how OffBits get fuel?

The truth is that they are quite similar to us. They need to get to the gas station to fill up their vehicles to continue driving and even occasionally repair and fill their wheels with air.

Assemble the nuts and bolts, and transform the OffBits cardboard box into an action-filled garage. Start with MechBit, the mechanic who can repair and refuel, then move to WheelBit, the brakeless motorcycle and then build OscarBit, the fast car in need of maintenance and repair. 

Create an exciting story with your playground and let your imagination speed up.

Our new kit enables creating at least 3 different “out of the box” models and many more using your imagination and creativity!

The GarageBit kit includes colorful custom-made nuts and bolts, a detailed instructions booklet, foldable packaging, unique stickers and over 200 pieces. 

It comes with a registration code for our online community of creators, and a five-in-one SuperTool™.

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