OFFBITS Multi Kit – Jumbo Kit

Have you ever been to Planetbot, where all the Offbits were created? Here is your chance! Easily bring the wild wonders of space to life with nuts-and-bolts construction.

RoboBit will be your tour-guide! Get him on the move with speedy BlazeBit or meteoric GearBit, be sure you will meet many funny friends and creatures such as the ZebraBit. Or, you can cleverly combine all Jumbo Kit’s parts into your very own custom nuts-and-bolts adventure out of space.

Jumbo kit includes more than 250 colorful custom-made bolts and nuts, detailed instructions booklet for creating at least 4 different “out of the box” models, unique registration code for our online community of creators, and a five-in-one SuperTool™ “successory”. It allows endless possibilities of designs to be created by you!

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