OFFBITS Multi Kit – Space Mission

Embark on a creative mission and explore space alongside a bunch of wacky robots who had been exiled from their home planet – Planet Bot, just because they were stepping out of the assembly lines.

AstroBit, TechBit, SpikeBit, ParrotBit, AntenaBit, and SpaceBit are the perfect companion for a funny journey to faraway galaxies! Don’t forget to document your journey using the included photobooth and create stop-motion animations!

Our new kit enables creating at least 6 different “out of the box” models and many many many more according to your imagination and creativity!

The Space Mission kit includes colorful custom-made bolts and nuts, detailed instructions booklet, unique registration code for our online community of creators, and a five-in-one SuperTool™ “successory”.



Mom’s choice GOLD AWARD